Many of our clients often ask us “Do I need a privacy policy on my website/mobile app?” The short answer is “yes.” The longer-winded answer is that if you collect personal information from your visitors (think contact form or use of cookies) than you need to have a privacy policy posted to your website and available within your mobile application (if applicable).

Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy?

According to, a Privacy Policy is a legal agreement that explains what kinds of personal information you gather from website visitors, how you use this information, and how you keep it safe.

Examples of personal information might include:

  • Names
  • Date of birth
  • Email Addresses
  • Billing and shipping addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Bank details
  • Social Security numbers

If you collect any of this information through contact forms, live chat, downloadable PDFs, etc… you are legally required to have a privacy policy in-place.

Our Answer to Privacy Policies

The problem we’ve been struggling with when it comes to privacy policies for our client’s digital assets is that the laws are an everchanging landscape and they vary state-to-state, so as you can probably imagine it’s a difficult feat to keep up with! We’ve begun offering our clients a new solution:

  • Automatically Updating Policy
    We update the policies, automatically, whenever changes need to be made.
  • Set it up once and forget about it! 
    We can embed our policies onto your website or mobile application and it will automatically be updated whenever laws change.
  • Simple Setup 
    We ask a series of simple questions about your business practices and handling of this information that will allow us to generate a custom policy for your organization within a matter of minutes.


Ease your privacy policy concerns today for $15/month or $12/month (when billed annually). Click here to schedule a privacy policy consultation today!

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